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• Thanks for requesting information on the Magnacharger VMAX kit. I developed the Vmax system in 1985 starting with bike #113. The bike was so responsive that I had to share this extreme power and a kit was created for the street ridden bike on pump gas. There have been several different manifolds until the current, one unit casting was developed at a cost of over $25,000. This casting allowed the power level and torque off idle, to go beyond the expectations on a motor with just the piston change to the forged 8.5-1, one customer with the Magnacharger kit produced 242 ft Ib of torque!! It brings King Kong power and sounds like a nitro fueler. Vmax is known for power but nothing in a street form on pump gas has ever gotten close!

• The system now features a pre-tuned Holley 390 cfm 4 barrel carb that just added another leap in sophisticated performance, and now is available with either a billet air cleaner that protrudes through the tank cover version. One of our customers decided to try drag racing. He adding a wheely bar and a slick, is runningin the 8’s and killing turbocharged Hyabusa’s. The bike starts and has the most incredible idle sound ever for a street bike, while having the torque available at any rpm’s with a twist of your wrist, rather than at just some unrealistic throttle setting. On demand Power !!

• I have owned over 25 Max’s and am currently building a street driven twin engine monster and yes it is blown with a 13” Mickey Thompson and it is only 6” longer than stock. From fork lifts to airplanes I have tried to have as much fun/power as possible but still drive/fly/ride it daily.

• The Magnacharger system comes with all the components needed for an installation at home with just a few hand tools, $4,500 and our forged 8.5-1 piston set $540 [Total Cost =(4500$+540$)=5040$]. Like the over 13,000 motorcycle systems that I have produced in the last sixteen years this also comes with a 100,000 mile warranty, total reliability and rideability. This is one of the most incredible motorcycles ever produced and now it is really off the hook.

• This bike will take a 500 HP turbo Hyabusa in the quarter mile and you can drive it to work every day.

Forged 8.5-1 piston set $540.

[Total Cost =(4500$+540$)=5040$]

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-Provides Instant Boost off idle - no spool up time!
-Unbelievable roll on or instant torque and power
-Super performance for hill climbs, drags, or trail riding
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Magna Charger for Yamaha V Max SS5$5,040.00