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QMI Fuel Treatment
Also known as Everwear Fuel Treatment
QMI Fuel Treatment exceeds the benefits of many combined fuel treatments in one economical, easy-to-use product. By adding 1 oz. per 10 gal. of gas (2 oz. per 10 gal. of diesel), each quart treats up to 320 gallons of fuel and provides all these benefits:
• Water scavengers chemically combine water with fuel, allowing water to be removed through the combustion process. Water scavengers permanently solubilizes water in fuel, thus converting water from a potential fuel system “problem” into a “combustion improver. Contains no alcohol.
• Detergents clean gums and varnishes from the fuel system and harmful deposits from fuel injectors, intake valves, the upper cylinder area, and the combustion chambers. Cleans and Protects fuel tank and fuel lines, fuel pump, carburetor, fuel injection systems, and catalytic converters.
• Top oils lubricate the injector pump, fuel injectors, valves, the upper cylinder area, top rings, and extends engine life by providing much-needed protection. Especially useful with unleaded fuels.
• Increases Octane ratings in gasoline and Cetane ratings in diesel.
• Combustion modifiers slow the fuel burn for more power, better mileage and less emissions (as show by the exhaust analysis).
• Works as a catalyst to enhance the completeness of the burn and reduce pinging.

Today’s high tech, hot running, close tolerance engines are prone to fuel system deposit related driveability problems. QMI Fuel Treatment helps remove deposits and conditions the fuel system with the combined benefits of many fuel treatments in one economical, easy-to-use product. Contains no alcohol or methanol.
A great need for effective fuel treatment is created by todays unleaded gas, lower grade fuels, higher demands on small higher-revving engines, fuel injection, and sophisticated carburetor systems.
QMI Everwear Fuel Treatment meets those needs and provides you with the utmost in cost effective engine protection, extended engine life and increased fuel economy, and saves you money with continued use.

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