Yukon Front Istall Kit GM 8.25 - A 1998 & OLDER

4x4 TUFF

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You also need a matching REAR install kits with the same gear ratio.

This install kit also includes the following:
-2 8.25" IFS GM Stub Axle Bearing, BRG
-8.25" & 9.25" GM IFS Inner Axle Pilot BRG
-8.25" & 8.5" C/Sleeve
-8.25" IFS(99 & Newer) Stub Axle Side Seal
-8.25" GM IFS Pinion Seal (88 to 97-1/2)
-7.5", 8.0", 8.2BOP, 8.5", 8.25"IFS, 9.25"IFS, 7.2", 9.5" Pinion Nut
-8.25"IFS, 8.5", 12P, 7.5"F, 8.8"F, 8.25CHY Pinion Shim Kit
-Brush for making compound
-Marking compound
-Locktite for IK's
-Silicone Sealer for Kits
-2 Carrier Barrings and Races
-2 Pinion Barings and Races
National Seals & Gaskets.

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Yukon Front Install Kit GM 8.25 - A 1998 & OLDER HHS27$130.00